Best SMS (englisht)

[b]Every second God remembers you,
Every minute God bless you,
Every hour God cares for you because…
Every day I pray God to take care of U. Good looks catch the eyes,
but Good Personality catches the heart.
You are blessed with both!
Don’t Be!!! It was sent to ME, and I just wanted you to read it…

1 day u’ll B srprisd 2 c ME beside U.
U & ME laughing,
U & ME crying,
U & ME dreaming,
U & ME holding on,
U & ME…
just U & ME sitting in a MENTAL HOSPITAL & ME CHECKING U.

Could u fax me ur photo very very urgently ? Mind u -
it’s really very very urgent, damn serious and very imp
… I’m playing cards and we’ve misplaced the JOKER.

Falling in love is a sweet ambition,
finding true love is a life time mission…
Take my word, follow the Indian tradition
& marry ur dad’s decision ! From Mon to Sun, From Jan To Dec,
From birth till my death,
my feelings 4 u have never changed.
For me, you’ve always been
…a headache!

I mixed RUM in water and got drunk.
I mixed BRANDY in water and got drunk.
I mixed WHISKY in water and got drunk again.
Now I have decided never to drink water again !!!

I cannot hide this from u any more.
I don’t want 2 hurt u
and I feel it’s best if I tell u,
before you hear it from someone else …
Potato Prices Have Gone Up !

Wonderful people r carefully created by God,
wonderful moments are carefylly planned by God,
wonderful friends like you are carefully gifted by God.

I am gonna write on all bricks ,
"I MISS U " and wish one fall on your head…
so that u’ll come 2 know how it hurts when u miss someone .

Love says
“If u ever need anything,
I’ll b there”
but friendship says
" You’ll never need anything if I’ll b there "

If you eve want 2 suceed in your life,
be sweet as Honey,
Be regular as Clock,
be fresh as rose,
Be soft as Tissue,
Be strong as Rock and be good as !!!me…

My Friendship is like an onion,
Which has many layers in it,
it will add taste to your life,
but if you try to cut it, you will have tears in your eyes

God gaved us two legs to walk,
two hands to hold,
two eyes to see,
two ears to hear,
But Y he gives U only 1 hear 'bcos he gave the other 1 to find.

Someone Remembers,
Somebody Cares,
YOUR Name Is Whispered In Somebody"s Prayers,
Keep The Bright Hope Of Sunshine In View,
Someone Is Warmly Thinking Of You

I chased love i found friendship,
i chased desires i found hopes,
i chased reality i found dreams,
i chased a monkey and i found you.

The animals of a jungle have decided to hold a meeting.
The lion has come,
the tiger has come,
the elephant has come,
the monkey has come…
But The meeting hasn’t started.
Guess why ?
Because the Donkey is busy reading this SMS !

Only the open heart receives
Only the open mind receives
Only the open hand receives
Only the CUTE 1’s receive

Great people talk about ideas,
Average people talk about things,
Small people talk about other people, And
Legends never talk, they send SMS…

You = Lovely
You = Perfect
You = Beautiful
You = Amazing
You = sweet
You = Cute
You = gorgeous
You = Fantastic
You = Fabulous
me = lier! :slight_smile:

Husband asks, Do you know the meaning of WIFE.
It means…
WIFE satys No, it means -

Friendship is a relation where no Charges of Activation,
Free incoming, Free Outgoing, with roaming facility all over the World!!

knows no season,
knows no time,
it has a sole intention
of bringing two people together
to a Moment
“F O R E V E R”

I Wish 4 " U "
Great start 4 Monday
No Obstacles 4 Tuesday
No stress 4 Wednesday
No worry 4 Thursday
Smile 4 Friday
Party 4 Saturday
& Great fun 4 Sunday
“Have a beautiful and smart week.”

Could you do me a favor?
Put ur left hand over ur RIGHT Shoulder then
ur Right hand to ur LEFT Shoulder There!
I’have just given u a hug! (",)
Good morning…!!!

Friendship Test
Call if U love me
Missed Call if U are a true friend
Text back if U care
Text a joke if U like me
Just ignore if U hate ME?
I’ll wait 5mins.

Nice people
are blessed people,
ever friendly,
always smiling,
forgive easily,
hold no grudges
and keep no
malice. Send this
to a nice person.
I just did.

Easy to say - Difficult to stay…
Beautiful to feel - Difficult to deal…
Difficulty is a part of Life…
But That’s the reason…
Why Girlfriend is never a wife?

My Friendship is like an onion,
Which has many layers in it,
it will add taste to your life,
but if you try to cut it, you will have tears in your eyes.

Wishing u hapiness
as big as Ganeshji’s Appitite,
life as long as his trunk,
troubles as small as his mouse, and
moments as sweet as his favourite Ladoos.

A Friend is:
1% Funny
2% Sweet
3% Caring
4% Loving and…
90% Good Looking that’s why…
I’m your Friend!

I cant find a reason why God gave u to me, but that is not the question to b asked,
May b the question is how did GOD knew that
i needed a friend like ‘U’…

If God ans ur Prayer, He’s incrasing ur Faith,
If He Delays, He’s increasing ur Patience.
If He doesn’t ans, then He Known U Can Handle it Prfectly Well!

If u Read This,
I’m SmArT.
If u Save This,
U Agree I’m SmArT.
If u 4ward This,
Ur Spraeding Tht I’m SmArT…
n if u Del This,
U’r Jealous
“B’cos I’m SmArT” Who’s hot… Its U,

Charming… Its U,
Sweetest… Its U,
Intelligent… Its U,
Who’s dear & near friend… Its U
Who’s a liar… Its me!

Hold 10 Roses in Ur Hands & Stand Opposite to the Mirror,
U’ll see 11 Roses & among them, the most Beautiful Rose in the World is U my dear friend…

You must be a thief because you have stolen my heart and,
must be a bad shooter because I always keep missing you!
If 100% of people Love u,
make Sure I’m one of them,
if 99% hate u,
make sure I’m the 1% which Love u,
If 100% hate u,
make sure i am dead.

Great Mind
Genius Mind
Extraordinary Mind
Bill Gates:
Brilliant Mind
never mind

God made daylight n called it the SUN.
God made entertainment n called it FUN.
God made nightlight n called it the MOON.
God made U n called CARTOON.

Life is only traveled ONCE,
Enjoy every moment, good or bad, because the GIFT of LIFE is LIFE itself…

Love is a name, sex is a game.
Forget the name, let’s play the game…

you over beautiful this :D:D:D